Living on Light the Experiment

This experiment is a Spiritual and quasi-scientific inquiry into the question, “Can a human being thrive for 4-6 months without ingesting carbon based foods?” It is Spiritual because “Living On Light” is founded on a calling from Spirit, however one perceives that to be, to bring the resultant information and vast possibilities it contains into the physical realms of this Earth. It is quasi-scientific because it might not have enough controls to be accepted by the scientific community as acceptable research. Scientists would have to set up an experiment under their own conditions for the results to be a viable scientific advancement.

However, this experiment is one that can be accepted in the realm of intelligent, individual discernment.  In our experiment the important thing is that millions of people, world-wide, can themselves observe a phenomenon that is little known but, if true, has the power to change our universe in amazing ways and give us a future that we would be excited to live in.

In the process of the next few months, millions of people all over the world would be able to visit the “Living On Light” website at any time of the day or night and oversee the experiment at will. Viewers will be encouraged to try and find any evidence of cheating or misrepresentation. Every moment will also be recorded and archived for history and future verification.


In this way, by the end of the experiment, every viewer, independently and collectively, will be able to authenticate or refute the claim that, in their own observation, a verifiable event has taken place and a totally trustworthy conclusion has been reached.

The ONLY question will be, did the subject eat food or not?

Here are the parameters of the “Living On Light” experiment:
One subject will be contained for a period of between four and six months within an environment that contains nothing that could be described as food. The subject is free to drink any liquid that could not be seen as food.  Water and tea with a splash of milk are acceptable as is coffee with a splash of cream. There will be no juice, no powders and no alcohol.

Web cameras will be capturing, transmitting live and recording for posterity her every move. Her every action in every room will be recorded for the duration of the whole experiment. Her face will be visible at all times.

The experiment is designed to last for between four and six months. If at any time the subject, on her own, or on the advice from a medical doctor, decides that she is no longer thriving or is suffering in any way, her participation in the experiment will be terminated. This experiment is not about starving but about activating or transforming to another system that will replace the need to ingest carbon based food.

The longest recorded time that a person has remained alive without eating is 116 days. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that if the subject has not eaten and is still thriving after 120 days, it must be true that she is being sustained by a source other than the carbon based one that we are used to. We shall then declare that she is “Living on Light”.

After four months we will assess what the next step will be. If the subject wishes to continue and demonstrate what “Living On Light” looks like, she may decide to continue for the next two months and thus complete a six month experimental period.

Should the subject need any medicinal help to assist with apparent health issues, these are acceptable as long as they cannot be described as food.

Anything that the subject says or does (apart from the act of eating) is irrelevant to the experiment and the subject is free to do whatever she wishes within the confines of the space and say whatever she likes. The experiment is not about the subject. It is simply about the behavior.

It cannot be stressed enough that almost nothing is known about this phenomenon so it would be both foolish and dangerous to embark on such an experiment without proper guidance and supervision. It might not be for everybody and should only be attempted

after sufficient inner soul searching and higher guidance.