It is a strange but necessary question to ask.

By the end of this experiment, if it is successful, we shall know for certain that a human body can thrive without the consumption of food.

If this is true, how is it that we all seem to have to eat? It is easy to see why we assume that eating food is essential to life as all animals, including humans, eat. Without food it is clear that we have mostly starved to death. It is not so easy to see that if we stop eating, we might have the capacity to thrive.

If we look at the possibility that the human organism is addicted to ingesting food then we can begin to make some sense of this dilemma. If from time immemorial the human species has eaten food to survive it must have become both physically and psychologically dependent on it for apparent survival. An addict cannot imagine not receiving their drug and the body craves it when it is not there.  Their body has adapted to the drug and will go through terrible stress when it is removed. It would be the same if eating food were an addiction.


Withdrawal causes the system to go into panic and fear and blasts it into survival mode. A starving person shuts down all non-essential operations and focuses on its main survival organs. Other functions are slowed and become non-operational as all energy is focused on life support. Heavy drug addicts can die during a withdrawal period from their drugs. Humans might be heavily addicted to food.

The drug addict’s system can go into intense shock reactions as the drug is being taken away and it could be a long time before their natural healthy system is strong enough start working again. If there is such a natural healthy system called “Living On Light”, it might take a while to shine through and work again after stuffing the body with carbon based foods since its life began.

Mind/body can be seen as one unit as they are intimately interconnected and changes in one will cause changes in the other. If the mind is sealed up in panic and the body locks down in survival mode, the person is very likely to die of starvation.  The effects of the withdrawal process in itself might prevent a person from activating or using their “Living on Light” system.

It is patently clear that there are many factors involved in a person’s ability to “Live On Light” and all of these need to be studied and taken into consideration before a person simply stops eating for any reason.

Is Food an Addiction