Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did the subject make any specific physical preparations in order to do this experiment?

A.  Yes she did. Since Naveena has traveled all her life in many countries where food standards are varied,

she started off by:

Completing a 40 day parasite cleanse using fresh green-black walnut and wormwood complex supplement.
Next she did a 30 day colon cleanse using whole husk psyllium seeds and Blackstrap molasses four times a


In order to completely empty the alimentary system Naveena received a daily colonic at a professional

facility for the four days before the experiment.  During this time she drank only juices.

Q. I’m concerned for her well-being. Is she under a doctor’s care?

Naveena is 65 years old and has access to Medicare. She also has a primary care doctor with whom she has

done some foundational testing to establish a general health baseline. Although Naveena is very healthy

and will stop if she is not thriving, should any unseen circumstance arise around her health she will be

taken care of.

We would like a doctor to specifically volunteer to oversee her health during the program. We understand

that this experiment is outside of the medical paradigm and it would have to be a very special and very

courageous person who would agree to be associated officially with such an out of the box endeavor.

Q. I’ve heard of people fasting too long, and their organs shutting down beyond repair. They got into life-threatening situations and some died. How will she know that she is potentially getting to that point?

Naveena has no intention of harming herself and will no doubt notice if she is seriously affected. Her team will

also be looking out for signs of malady. A few individuals out of the millions of viewers would also notice if

things are not well and would probably alert us to the fact. This is not about starvation and death but

transformation and abundant life.


Q. What criteria is Naveena using that would cause her to realize her health was in danger, and to stop the experiment?

Naveena will use her own intelligence, intuition and her feelings. She will notice her ability to be active.

The advice of her team is also important to her.


Q. Did Naveena do the “21 day process” that Jasmuheen ( recommends?  If not, why not?

Naveena chose not to use the 21 day method recommended by Jasmuheen, though she recognizes that it is

probably an excellent methodology for a person who wants to “Live On Light”. Jasmuheen is the world’s leading

authority on “Living On Light” and has interesting things to say about this and many other subjects. Naveena

chose not to do the 21 days for many reasons.

She is not trying to live without liquids in this experiment.

She has heard that many people succeed without doing the 21 days.

Naveena wants to be careful about implanting in people’s minds that their ability to do something has to do

with a particular methodology or with a specific Spiritual outlook. There might be many ways that “Living On

Light” can occur and she wants to empower each individual to look inside and follow their own intuition. That

intuition might or might not include following a methodology.


Q. Is Naveena working with any mentor or person who HAS lived on light?

Naveena does know someone personally who “Lives On Light” but that person wishes to remain anonymous.


Q. I heard that the scientific testing done on Jasmuheen was not considered valid proof, and that the Australian news-team who did a show about it found the evidence inconclusive. How can you believe her, or refer to her experience and website? 


We neither believe nor disbelieve Jasmuheen, nor her critics, nor anybody else who say they “Live On Light”. Neither do we endorse the specific Spiritual outlooks voiced by the many individuals who say they “Live On Light”. We do not know and we wish to keep an open outlook. This is why we are doing this experiment. Jasmuheen is a trailblazer in this field and quite naturally the rest of the world questions what she says. There has been no ‘Scientific’ experiment done yet.

However, somebody has to go first and we honor Jasmuheen for her courage and for her desire to move our world into a much better place. Opening up the inquiry is what is needed and her website and others do just that.


Q. How did Naveena get herself spiritually ready for this experiment?

Naveena’s whole life has been about a Spiritual search so each moment of that has led to this occurrence here and now. You can go to Birth of an Idea and read how this particular event was inspired.


Q. Naveena said she got a “Spiritual calling” to do this. What does that mean?

A Spiritual calling, as “Living on Light” sees it, is very individual and comes from something or somewhere that cannot be known in its pure existential form to the machinery of the mind. It is seen here to be an intuition that comes from the depths of a person’s being and, in this case, shows up in the mind as a strong and persistent drive that cannot be ignored.


Q. What about the reports of others having claimed they lived on light, and then they were exposed as frauds, or it was made public that they did eat some things at some times? 

There certainly are frauds. Then there are all the lies about the frauds. People have huge agendas about proving or disproving the validity of this claim. This in itself is reason enough to find out one way or another. This is why it has to be done in a scientific manner with no room for cheating. We at “Living On Light” are doing our best to do this, but it is certainly not going to be conclusive, scientifically speaking, as people will always question its validity. We are simply opening the door to a possible future and science must take this up and examine it seriously.

What might also be useful to mention here is, just because a person who is “Living On Light” eats something occasionally, it does not mean that they are not now “Living On Light”. In theory, when the ‘Light’ system is operational, it is still OK to use the digestive system if a person wants to. It must be quite boring to the taste buds to have nothing to do. The mind also has its likes and dislikes and most social interactions involve food of some sort. The point is that a person “Living On Light” does not HAVE to eat. It is now a choice and they can stop at any moment and still thrive without eating.


Q. What makes Naveena think she can do this when people who do not eat have repeatedly died from starvation?

She doesn’t. This is an experiment to see what is possible. However, Naveena is able to hold the paradigm that it is possible and we think it might be this consciousness that is likely to make the difference. Naveena is also not being forced into this from lack or fear and does not have terrible things going on in her life that might keep a person mired in the starvation paradigm. She might be wrong. She might not be able to do it. This is an experiment!
However, Naveena has done something that her mind, and most of the opinion of the world, also held as impossible, yet she did it.

In 1997, Naveena strode into the Guinness Book of Records by walking barefoot on the hottest recorded fire-walking fire in the world.

The fire was 1,751 degrees Fahrenheit (955 Celsius). It had never been done by anyone before and she had never once fire-walked prior to that moment. The heat was hot enough to melt silver and you could not even stand close to the fire! Science tries to explain this in many ways but in our opinion they have not included all elements possible, especially that of consciousness. Much might be done that we are not yet aware of and this experiment is an attempt to expand the boundaries of knowledge.


Q. What steps is “Living On Light” taking to make sure that others don’t decide to do this, and end up in life-threatening situations, or dead?

It is not for us to dictate to others what they might or might not do. This experiment could be very dangerous and we are giving very strong warnings to people not to do this without very clear guidance from within and supervision from without. Each person is responsible for their own lives and we honor their responsibility.

We suggest that minors should not be allowed to do this at all. They are not legally responsible for themselves and their parents need to be responsible for them. Also, the child’s physicality, especially the brain, is not fully developed yet and might not be capable of making the transformation we suspect might be required.


Q.  I can’t watch 24/7 for 6 months. Neither can anyone else. How will I be able to know for sure that she is not eating?

No single individual can watch every moment and that is why it is important that we have a vast audience of observer/judges to cover the whole time. Along with that, every moment will be recorded and archived for future reference. Each frame, each angle can be examined at leisure by an interested party and every second can be accounted for. Even then, a few diehards might not accept the validity of the experiment as it is true that images can be doctored.

The most we can do is open the door. We can say that our intention is to be honest. We have no agenda to cheat. It is never possible to believe anything that is said or written and we have to leave the judgment of our integrity in your hands. What is needed is for the Scientific community to take this on and investigate using the rigidity of their own methods.


Q. I don’t see how this could change the world. Almost nobody, IF anybody at all, can live without eating. So why risk your life?

How do you know? Have you tried it? Until the premise is tested, nobody can say anything about it. Many people claim that they are “Living On Light”. It is worth investigating. Before somebody had the courage to walk on fire it was considered impossible. Now many people do it.

To be the first is always a risk. With the magnitude of the impact from being able to “Live On Light”, a little risk is well worth the result. There is very little risk to Naveena as she will not go so far as to harm herself. It is about thriving not declining.

As for “How will this change the world?” we refer you to Why would someone want to “Live on Light”?


Q. How could this change the world? I don’t get it.

Look at all the resources it takes just to keep you fed. All the hours of labor in the fields, all the animals that have to live in misery and be slaughtered, all the factories preparing, packaging and transporting food. Think of all the supermarkets, time shopping and all the chemicals on the crops. Then there is the gas and electricity to keep the machines running and all the land that is usurped for food production. This does not include all the time spent in your life having to work to earn the money to buy food.

Can you imagine how it would be if nobody had to starve and die in misery, how poverty can be alleviated, how fear for survival is diminished, how countries would no longer have to fight to gain control of the means of production? How would it be not being enslaved to the needs of our stomach? Any one of these benefits would change the world. “Living On Light” contains access to all of these and the possibility of many more.


Q. What steps or instructions would you advise for someone who wants to try this themselves?

You have to know that you are “called” to do this. It looks as if it might involve an upward movement of consciousness so you listen to your own heart and use your own intelligence. We can give you no advice as Naveena has not yet completed the experiment and we do not know ourselves if it is possible.


Q. Is “Living on Light” an organization, a non-profit, a not-for-profit or what?

“Living On Light” is none of the above. It is not a business nor an official organization. It is a Spiritual endeavor that is the result of the inner “calling” of one individual to do something that Existence requested of her.


Q. Who are the “representatives” of “Living on Light” that you speak of?

The representatives or spokespersons are a few friends who have volunteered their time to come together to support something they feel drawn to support. We are all volunteering because we intend for the world to become free from its burdens and allow the flowering of its highest potential.


Q. Where do your contributions go? What are you using them for?

We are a Spiritual endeavor and the funds will go to fulfilling our Spiritual purpose. We want to create a Sacred Space in which we may examine and challenge our perceptions of reality in ways that will maximize our human potential and be of benefit to all beings.


Q. How do I know you’re not doing this just to get money from people, that it’s not a scam?

You don’t. However, that fear may be allayed as you see the experiment being done live on this site. You can see it happening before your very eyes. You can read on the website about how important this is to the world and you can make up your own mind about whether the premise has validity or not.

As time goes on you will hopefully see that the subject is still not eating and that maybe she is “Living On Light”. Then you might be able to ascertain that this really is an honest attempt at answering an immensely important question, the positive outcome of which will have valuable repercussions on every aspect of our lives.

In the end, it is a question of trust. Can you trust our integrity? That question we cannot answer for you and we will have to leave it for you to determine.


Q. What’s in it for you, Naveena?

Thank you for asking this question as I suspect this is the first question that most people will have on their minds. So much is in it for me that I cannot tell you all of it. Consciousness has always been my passion and to verify and spread such an amazingly potent secret is unbelievably exciting and powerful for me and for all human beings. It is incomprehensible to me that it might have come to me, a nobody in the public world, to be in the position of being the person through whom this might come about.

There is certainly ego involved but my ego would never normally have contemplated such a thing. Being known is the manifestation of, and a challenge to, what is almost my worst fear, that of being in the public eye. I have always deliberately provoked my fears so they could come to light and be dissolved and I suspect that this endeavor will highlight and expose all of them. That is a great benefit to me Spiritually.

Financial motivation is very important and I am happy to disclose mine. Yes, I shall benefit financially. All my expenses for the next six months will be taken care of (food will not feature in any of those!). I am hoping all the debts I accrued in financing this experiment will be repaid. If it is successful, I shall have access to funds to use to carry “Living On Light” to the next levels.

I shall shamelessly promote my four books which I wrote between 1987 and 1993. They have been available on the web since 2001. Since I have never bothered to promote them, I have sold barely a handful and then only to obliging friends and relatives. Now I am hoping people will enjoy them and buy them. Maybe they will become best sellers and I shall happily collect the royalties and live off my future writings for the remainder of my life.

The money from your gifts comes through me since I, as a private individual having a Spiritual purpose, had no other way to manage the process. This is not a business and I have no business acumen. I expect all the money to be taxed as if it were income and I shall be happy to support Uncle Sam in whatever way is required.

It is my intention to use your gifts for the Spiritual purposes of “Living On Light” and it is for you to decide whether you would like to contribute or not.


Q. I have lived on light, not eaten food, for a long period of time. Where can I share my story?

We would love to hear your story and suggest that you go to Are You a Trailblazer?  to share it with us.


Q.  How can I help?

You can help in many ways. The most important is to disseminate the information throughout the world via all the social media networks. Twitter, tweak and Facebook link until we create a tidal wave of interest that has the power to open the whole world up to dimensions never conceived of before now.

Call your local radio and TV stations and ask if they know anything about this amazing experiment and encourage them to run a story on it.

Be an observer/judge so we may all know that this experiment is honest and true and that a real result is obtained. Come and visit us often, just to check, and hopefully to have fun too.

Then there is always your financial contribution which, should we find it is true that this miracle exists, will go a long way towards creating an amazing transformation for our whole planet.