"Shining a Light"

"Living On Light” is designed as a Sacred Space in which a person may explore as many aspects of their perceived reality as they wish to explore. Its specific purpose is as follows:

 “Living On Light’s” purpose is dedicated to each individual achieving their highest potential in all aspects of their humanity: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. To facilitate this achievement, we are creating a Sacred Space in which we may examine and challenge our perceptions of reality in ways that will maximize our human potential and be of benefit to all beings. Knowing this potential, we give ourselves the opportunity to live in a way that honors both ourselves and the environment in which we live.”

The “We” in this statement includes all those who are interested in their own exploration of this vast universe of what we see as “reality”. The person writing this is a single person, me, Naveena Shine and everything written here reflects my opinions, my ideas and my way of looking. None of it is “The Truth”. I speak these things only to create an opening into many of the infinite possibilities available to us.

The first exploration of “Living On Light” was to ask the question, “Is it possible for a human being to live without ingesting carbon based foods?” You can read about that elsewhere on this website.

This second exploration of “Living On Light”, I am calling “Shining a Light”.

It is my understanding that what is seen is determined by who is looking plus the point from which that person is seeing. A mouse looking at an elephant’s leg is not seeing at all the same thing as a person looking at the whole elephant. The object may be the same but what each sees is radically different.

In “Shining a Light” I would like to play around with different points of view and present various topics in such a way that each point of view adds to all the others presented. Every time a point of view is added, the picture will change and what I am hoping will happen is that a whole new emergence will occur, one that was not visible before.

In our world we live with constant fear, argument, aggression, war and conflict on every level. It causes so much misery in both our inner and outer worlds and none of it is necessary.

Not being either willing or able to see other people’s point of view is a huge component in this conflict. We all believe that whatever we believe is true, really is true, otherwise, why would we believe it?  In our fear of being wrong, in our need to be right, we cling tightly and righteously to whatever we believe is true and close our eyes to anything that might show us a different picture.

The purpose of creating “Shining a Light” is for us to have the experience that whatever we as individuals think or believe in as “The Truth” is only a small part of the whole picture. The whole picture cannot be seen until all the parts come together. Even then, what is not yet known or is unknowable is left out so we will never get the complete picture and must always be open to shifting how we see and what we see.

“Shining a Light” is my attempt to create a new, presently unknowable, picture of all potentials through which to view reality. I am doing it for fun, just because it interests me. There is no agenda for any particular results. I shall do this as and when I have the time and inclination  and I hope we can all enjoy whatever outcomes emerge into the space.

You are welcome to add your own points of view either on Facebook or from “Shining a Light” on this www.livingonlight.co website. I ask that you do it respectfully and acknowledge that everybody has a right to see things how they see them. It is not an argument, there is nothing to prove, there is no goal. It is merely the opening up of a space out of which a new reality may emerge.

I look forward to the experience.